Water Level Indicator Using 8051 Microcontroller

Water level Indicators

 A water level indicator is an automated system used to detect and indicate the level of water in a tank.  It helps to avoid the overflow of water from the overhead tanks. It saves a lot of water, power, and time. Save on water level indicator in Chennai are designed along with 8051 microcontrollers.

 How does water level indicator work?

 The controller is designed in a way to do the corrective action needed, based on the indication of the water level indicator. If the alarm on the water level indicator is low, the controller operates the valves to fill the tank. If the indication is high, the controller switches off the motor close the valves, and stops the water flow to the tank. The 8051 microcontrollers automatically switch on the motor and open the valves to fill a tank if it is empty and switches off the motor and turns off the valves if the tank is full. The above process is based on the indication of the water level of the tank as displayed on the water level indicator. There are three levels- high, medium, and low.

 Save on

 Save on by KR systems is the leading manufacturer of water level indicator in Chennai. We are certified and authorized manufacturers and distributors of automatic water level indicators in Chennai.


 The water level of a tank is detected by the water level indicator using sensors. These sensors are wire-like probes that relay back information on the level of water present in a tank in the form of alarms to the controller and the controller operates accordingly.

The sensors are made of quality steel (SS304). They are rustproof and long-lasting. They do not get damaged due to poor water quality. All our products have stainless steel sensors only.

 Why do we need a water level indicator?

 Water level indicators are necessary to avoid wastage of water through spillage from tanks. in the absence of the indicator, it would require manual effort to detect the water level in the tanks. This increases the operating costs. They save a lot of time and energy. It helps us to monitor the water level remotely and all the corrective actions are taken automatically with no manual effort.

 The 8051 microcontrollers

  •  8051 microcontrollers have many advantages.
  • · Simple design
  • · Reduces manual effort.
  • · Consumes less power.
  • · Reliable and durable.


  •  · 3 Level LED indications – Low, Medium and High-level indications
  • · 12V or 230V – Buzzer O/P
  • · Alarm/ Buzzer reset button available.
  • · AC voltage regulation (180V-260V)
  • · Input Voltage: 230V, 50Hz
  • · Sensors Operating Voltage: 6V High-Frequency Sensing
  • · AC Voltage Regulation: 160V-270V
  • · Sensors Make: SS304
  • · Cabin Material: ABS
  • · Operating Principle: Conductivity


  •   Suitable for all Liquids.
  • · Suitable for all types of Tanks.