In what ways the water level will be controlled in the tank? Stop water overflow using the Save on water level controller.

Save on Automatic Water Level Controller in Perumbakkam, Chennai is a pioneer in the manufacturing and supply of water level controllers, Starters, and Level Indicators. Being certified by ISO 9001:2015 for their international standards, Save on has a huge customer base in Tamil Nadu. With distributors, dealers, and retailers all across the state of Tamil Nadu they are the best in the business.

   KR Systems manufactures multiple types of automatic water level controllers that can be efficiently used for overhead tanks and underground sumps. These controllers are also used for all industrial purposes and can be custom-made as per the application. With real-time dry run cut-off time, these controllers also help to prevent the motor from dry running.

 Water level controllers monitor the water level based on the design model.

 1. Probe sensor

  In this type, 3 probes are inserted into the tank – a reference probe, fill start probe, and a fill stops probe. Fill stop probe will be hanging near the top of the tank until which the water needs to be filled. The fill start probe will be hanging near the bottom. These probes will automatically monitor the water level and send the signal to the control circuit which turns ON or OFF the motor as and when needed.

 The number of probes ranges from 3 to 7 based on the design of the controller.

 2. Ultrasonic sensor

 In this type, the level at which the motor needs to be turned ON or OFF will be pre-programmed to the device. The controller has an ultrasonic transmitter and receiver and the level of the signal transmitted back will be very low when the water level is low. If the signal transmitted back is very low, the circuit will trigger the motor to turn ON.

 3. Float Switch

In this type, a float is electronically connected to a motor. This float floats on the surface of the water and moves upwards on downwards based on the water level in the tank. It has a float, magnet, and a reed switch, and the level of the water opens or closes the circuit thereby helping in controlling the motor. We are the best water level controller in Perumbakkam.

By using the above 3 principles as the basic working mechanisms, we manufacture and supply the below models which are highly reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.