How do I calculate the water level in an overhead tank without opening it?

Water levels in Overhead tanks and Underground sumps can be calculated monitored automatically using Liquid Level Controllers. Level Controllers use a sensor to monitor the level of the water in tanks and sumps and switch the motor ON or OFF based on the action needed.

Liquid Level Controllers

These automatic, lightweight, economical, and reliable electronic devices sense the level of the water and control the motor. It highly helps in saving water and electricity. As these controllers are lightweight and affordable, one can use this both for personal and industrial needs. Liquid level controllers have float switches or probe sensors dipped into the water tank or the sump. When the water level is full, the circuit is closed and the motor will be turned OFF. When the water level drops below a certain limit, the circuit opens and it will trigger the motor to turn ON automatically.

These controllers also come with a display that shows the water level, temperature, pressure, and humidity which is useful in its industrial applications.

Liquid-level controllers can also be made as per the requirements of its usage. These devices can be easily installed and are highly efficient.


· Easy to install and very simple working principle.

· Can be custom-made based on its area of usage.

· Lightweight and compact and hence can be easily moved.

· Consumes very little power.

· Saves electricity consumed by the motor preventing it from running when the tank is full.

Make sure to check the source of water does not go dry and the rest of the functionalities will be taken care of by the Liquid Level Controllers in Chennai.

We being the leading manufacturers and suppliers of liquid level controllers in Chennai offers the below controllers.

1. SEMI-Automatic water level controller

2. ECO-Automatic water level controller

3. OW – Automatic water level controller

4. IT- Fully Automatic water level controller

5. IT with Timer – Fully Automatic water level controller

6. UNIVERSAL – Fully Automatic water level controller

We can also design one as per your requirements. Submit your inquiry and our team will get back to you shortly.