Are water level controllers successful in preventing water overflow?

Are water level controllers successful in preventing water overflow? 

 Is your water tank overflowing every day because you forget to switch it off at the right time? This happens when you don’t know if your overhead tank is empty or full or if you have no clue of how much water is needed to fill it. You might think that the solution to this problem requires appointing dedicated personnel to monitor the water level of a tank and operate the motor to regulate the water supply to the tank. Well, not anymore. The automatic water level controllers are the new-age solution to the problem of overflowing tanks. Water scarcity is a perennial problem in Chennai. A person who lives in Chennai knows how precious fresh water is. The automatic water level controller is an important means of saving the water that is wasted by the overflow of tanks.  In this article, we are going to see how a water level controller works and how beneficial it would be to install a water level controller in Chennai.

 What is an Automatic Water Level Controller and how does it work?

 An Automatic Water Level Controller is a device that is installed to monitor the water level of the overhead tanks (OHTs) and operate the pump accordingly to avoid the overflow of water from the OHTs. There are three stainless steel sensors fixed at the lower, medium, and higher levels of the overhead tanks. when the water touches the highest-level sensor, the motor is switched off by the automatic water level controller to prevent the water from overflowing. It also indicates that the overhead tank is full. When the water touches the medium or lower-level sensors, the automatic water level controller switches on the pump, and the tank is filled with water till the high-level mark.

Well, how successful are water level controllers?

 This question can be answered very easily. Every day, we see many instances where water keeps overflowing until someone comes and stops the pump. Even after the motor is switched off, the water keeps overflowing for some time. Imagine this happens in many houses, apartments, and many other places every day. That is a lot of water, isn’t it?  We can save a lot of freshwater only by preventing water overflow from our overhead tanks. A water level controller is an effective investment that proves extremely beneficial in saving water. Along with water, it saves power and time. So, the answer is yes, the automatic water level controllers are very successful.

What are the basic things to know before buying a water level controller?

 There are some basic things one needs to know before buying a water level controller in Chennai.

 What are the specifications required?

Ensure that the manufacturer has used the latest technology in the making of the water level controller. Some intricate things like the material which the sensors are made of, whether an automatic cut-off facility is provided, etc., are to be checked before buying the product.  It is good to check whether the water level controller can be customized according to your specific requirements.

 Where to buy a water level controller in Chennai?

The company manufacturing the water level controller should be a renowned one. Ensure that the company’s after-sales service is fool-proof and has well-qualified technicians.

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